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 you might be a Sabbat if......

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MessageSujet: you might be a Sabbat if......   you might be a Sabbat if...... Icon_minitimeJeu 13 Aoû - 18:20

You might be Sabbat if . . .

You wake up in the evening is not "Oh my god, what have I done and
whose eyeballs are these on my fingertips," but "Damn. I wanted green
ones this time."

Whenever you enter a small, darkened room, you have the strangest urge
to claw through the ceiling.

You think that "Pin the tail on the Donkey" is much more fun with a
_real_ donkey.

You find yourself cheering for the zombies in "Evil Dead 2."

Campfires give you the strangest urge to start leaping.

You get excited when, while viewing your own aura, you actually see a
spot of color.

You _know_ what the road to Hell is paved with.

Shovels give you the chills.

The phrase "collateral damage" shows up in your speech more than once
an hour.

You begin to refer to people by the number of generations they are
above you, and the amount of time before you're there.

You start to like mimes. If they carry sharp objects.

You are no longer surprised when your colleagues say things like "and
then I sucked out his soul, ripped off his arm, and played a game of

You were the other player in the croquet game.

The phrase "Bishop takes Pawn" brings a stab of fear into your heart.

my thanks to allez voir c'est hilarant XD

Lets geek up the place!
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you might be a Sabbat if......
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